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To all who helped us create our web site, we would like to thank you. We are so glad to have all of the information and photos which we have received from so many people.

We hope that you like our new web site and that you find what you are looking for within. Please visit again as we have many plans for the future of this site including a complete stud book of Czech Tervuerens, fill imported dogs to the Czech Republic and stud dogs used in Czech lines and so we hope it will be a good summary of what’s happening with Tervueren in the Czech Republic. Because we love to photograph dogs, especially Tervueren, we will regularly offer new photos from different Czech and foreign dog shows.

If you would like to find your dog in our photo gallery, don´t hesitate and contact us. We will put information and photos of him/her with pleasure :-). And one request... If you find any mistake or error in our database of dogs, please let us know and we will correct it as soon as possible. This web wasn’t created with any intended malice toward any one or their dogs. Thank you for understanding and please enjoy your visit to our website and do come again…!



  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 !!!


  • Photogallery
    Added new photos of Chilly from z 5th-6th month.
O´HARA d´Aquivelt


  • Photogallery
    Added new photos of Chilly from z 4th-5th month.
O´HARA d´Aquivelt


  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 !!!


  • Photogallery
    Added new photos of Chilly from 2nd + 3rd month.
O´HARA d´Aquivelt


O´HARA d´Aquivelt


  • New member of our family
    We have finally new puppy in our kennel. We brought home from a long trip to Spain puppy O´HARA d´Aquivelt.
    Thank you so much to breeders Pedro and Aurora for nice meeting and such great girl :-)!
O´HARA d´Aquivelt


  • New update after soooo long time :-). But as first news are two very sad news...
    Two girls from our B-litter left us: BERMEA Oridix - she had osteosarkoma, like her mother Terry.
    And BELSH Oridix - she had epilepsy and in June 2014 her seizures were too frequent and Belsh was too exhausted, so her owner decided to end her suffering. We are so sorry!
Bermea Belsh

Cairo Porta Bohemica Casio Porta Bohemica Cay Porta Bohemica

ULU Gratsiano

ARTHOS vom Kürnberg FLY des Pistes Noires GORDON du Souvenir d´Otonne

AMPER Oridix Nicha DYLAN at Chantryile MIMA Deabei


  • Sad news
    07.01.2014 left us next girl from our "A"-litter ANGELIKA Oridix
    Angelika was put to sleep, because she had osteosarcoma like her mother Terry. We are really so sorry :-(.

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